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How could it have exploded?

Amazingly, the old man recovered his health.

We can save you some time.

This is a vertical line.


I thought we had an agreement.


They are very important people.


I've been too busy.

Emmett is optimistic at this point.

Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?

I have to disassemble this engine.

I know who asked you here.


I'd like to have this parcel registered.

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You'll want to write this down.

Do you charge separately for drinks?

Just ask Sarah to give it back.

People often know perfectly well what they are doing.

There's no permanent damage.

I got soap in my eyes.

Could you bring me a Time magazine?

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Hsuan really has no other option.

You have changed since I saw you last year.

Laurel needs a bath.

I wouldn't press the matter any further, if I were you.

I am weak.


It must be her.

Kory was very polite.

He's very hard to please.

Has anybody here been to Hawaii?

The children weren't seriously injured.

Edgar walked slowly down the road using his cane.

Excuse me, could I get past?

Ben decided not to tell Antony about what John had done.

She told me not to tell lies.

Is it true that you corrected all these sentences?

You've got to stop doing that.

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Do you know where Harmon is taking us?


I'll give you a lesson that you'll remember for a long time.


Even though Stuart has a very demanding job, he always makes time for Wilson and the kids.


The story was interesting.

Your argument is unfounded.

Do not open the door before the train comes to a halt.

The organization failed.

Does globalisation mean the disappearance of local sluts?

It doesn't make any sense.

This statue belongs to him.


The book is out of print.

They could not expect to make progress.

What did Dennis say when he met you?

The children went to play in the park.

I'd like to say that I understand it all very well, but you can understand such only if you've felt it on your own back.

I can't say exactly what the problem is.

Let's cut to the chase.

May we know your bank account?

Maybe they will go back on their decision about this subject of divorce.

The book is about the life of a woman in prison.

I feel so bad for the baritone saxes, who often have 200 measures of nothing but whole notes.

Nothing gave Elsa so much joy as the little pair of embroidered shoes that she held in her hand, for the girl had hitherto been forced to run about barefoot by her cruel stepmother.

I'm not hungry right now.

I got grounded for 2 weeks.

When do you use it?


If you must kill, kill an elephant and if you must rob, rob a treasury.

Truman's popularity increased.

Bill is a complete muppet.


You seem worried.

I'm no liar.

Once you start eating popcorn, it's nearly impossible to stop.


Thomas knows his way around the courthouse.

Allah is the greatest.

When the program finished, we switched the radio off.

We can't leave them here.

The king has reigned over the country for many years.

What a pleasure to see a kid his age who knows what the fuck real music is.

When he was young, he was the talk of town.


Peugeot, Renault and Citroen are French car manufacturers.

He is my next-door neighbor.

We had similar problems.

She went to college after she got married.

Daniel told me that he wanted to buy his mother a pair of slippers.

He had to undergo an operation immediately after his fall.

Every time they talk, they argue.

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The next question is for you.


He stood close to her and tried to protect her from the typhoon.


I want you to clean your room.


The executive director is a real pushover for looks.

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He went by bicycle.


If you don't come to me, I'll come to you.

She gave him all of her money.

I'd like to think of us as a team, Saqib.


I can't talk to her now.

The judge condemned him to death.

What's Kate got to do with all this?

The jacket's wearing through at the elbows.

Is there someone who knows them?

I want to talk to as many people as possible.

Varda didn't open his eyes.

You didn't have to stoop so low.

Kari didn't want to lose Kayvan.

George Washington arrived the day before.

I hope Sue gets here early.


The story turned my blood cold.

Dimetry's wife has just thrown him out.

I told Lindsey about what had happened.

Alberto and only Arthur really knows what happened.

One language is never enough.

Jelske didn't have much time for studying.

I broke a glass - try not to step on the shards before I clean them up.


I don't consider myself a victim.


Ninety-five percent of orphans are older than 5 years old.


How does he make the report clear to read?

Rand is taking a tremendous chance.

Does anybody own this sentence?

Blame your predecessor.

How many times did she call?

Tyler doesn't know why Jones is mad at him.

That will give me something to think about.

But we're just on our way home.

The show's about a New Jersey mob boss who's in psychotherapy.

Our office helps students with personal problems.

Excuse me, where am I on this map?

Take this medicine.

I have changed my mind.

Did you speak to them yesterday?

We're not crazy.


Do you enjoy the work?

Blayne seems to be lost.

Gravity stresses the human body.

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.

I insist on that.

Jurevis asked Luc to help him clean his office.

Obviously, he's not that kind of person.

Joyce tried to sit up, but was unable to.

The little girl has smiled to me.

You have a problem there.

A fearful thought entered my mind.


You should get out of the house and have some fun.

What are the charges against Tovah?

This watch costs 10 000 CFA francs.

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I'm taking good care of him.


It will not be long before the cherry blossoms come out.


Emmett is on the ship's deck.

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You need to take a cold shower.


Why don't you ask Wes to help you?

Black people were compelled to work in cotton fields.

I don't know if you remember me.

I told her I was there.

Are you people stupid?

I should have known that.

We regard the situation as serious.

Now let's go.

I was startled for a second.

Marian insulted Joseph and her husband.

Knudsen didn't need to finish that work by today.

The 9:35 train stops at Bambury.

I didn't think Sho was really paying attention.


Everybody knows she married him for his money.

Did you and Craig have a fight?

You've frightened me.

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They got a warm reception.


Rahul read it out loud.

We certainly fooled them.

I want to hear you play the piano.